Description of gradings

Fine (f)
The coin contours are no longer visible in some places, but the lettering is still legible and the whole image clearly recognizable.

Very fine (vf)
All coin contours are still visible. Signs of abrasion are evident and in places the relief features minor damage.

Extremely fine (ef)
The coins were only in circulation for a short time. The relief parts show no signs of abrasion. Apart from small scratches the coins are not damaged.

Uncirculated (unc)
The coins were never circulated. Only very small signs of bulk handling in production are visible.

Brilliant uncirculated (bu)
Freshly minted coins which were never circulated and also do not show any signs of bulk handling.

Proof (prf)
Collector products specially manufactured by the mints. Flawless mintage with mirror-like coin surface. Without exception, newer mintages since 1974 have been delivered in specially designed packaging.

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